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Troutman makes several sizes of rockers so you're sure to find one that's just right. Pictured from from left to right:

The 330 Coastal Rocker
The ever popular 330 Coastal Rocker has an overall back height of 43" which is 3.5 inches shorter than the 400 Series rockers but all the other dimensions are the same as the 400 Series as far as the size and height of the seat.

The 400 Series Rockers
The 400 Series rockers, also called "Classic" rockers, which includes the 430 Classic Shaker Rocker, the 470 Classic Shaker Rocker with the Lumbar Back option, and 490 Classic Cane Seat & Back Rocker. The overall height of the of the back of the 400 Series rockers is 46.5" tall. The seats are 23 inches wide and 18.75 inches deep. The 430 and 636 Vintage Ladderback Rocker fit in this category as well with dimensions matching the 400 series rockers. Seats are 16 " high.

The 900 Series Rockers
The largest rockers are the 900 Plantation Series, the 930 Plantation Shaker Rocker, the 970 Plantation Shaker Rocker with Lumbar Back option, and the 990 Cane Seat & Back Plantation Rocker. These rockers are the widest and the tallest at 48 inches high. The seats are a bit wider and deeper too measuring 24 inches wide and 19 inches deep. Seats are 16" high.

Smaller than the 330 (not pictured) is the 146 Cottage Scoop Seat Rocker. This rocker is smaller overall with a height of 41.5 inches, the seat is narrower at 21" wide and 16 inches deep, still a very comfortable chair for the smaller individual.

Troutman Chair Advantages

NO GLUE is used in our North Carolina made products. Shaker design and construction techniques are used in putting together our chairs. Which is why our chairs are tomorrows heirlooms.

SWELLED JOINT CONSTRUCTION - a technique of furniture construction borrowed from Shaker design. Larger posts (front and back) are air dried 6 to 9 months and smaller posts (rungs) are kiln dried. With the variance in moisture content, the small post swell and the larger posts shrink, making a much tighter fit than if they had been glued. A Troutman chair will get tighter over time.

INTERLOCKING JOINERY - the front frame and back frame are assembled separately. When these two parts are clamped together, the boring on each frame notches the dowel on the front post and the back post making it nearly impossible for the front assemble or back assembly to be pulled apart. This is another technique of shaker construction. No one else uses this technique. Consumers expect to pay more for quality handcrafted items.

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Troutman Rockers are made in three sizes!