From Troutman Chair Company

Handcrafted in North Carolina. Since 1924.

  • Geranium and Village

    attention to detail ...

  • Natural with Black Seat

    with or without contrasting seats ...

  • Natural with Black Seat

    lots of finishes ...

  • Black

    not one size fits all ...

  • Hunter Green with Cherry Seat

    curved backs for comfort ...

  • Village with Sea Grass Seats

    classic dining chairs too ...


Welcome to Carolina Porch Rockers!

If you've been searching for the most comfortable rocking chair you can buy, you can stop looking. We tried a lot of rockers before we found these and we believe that we've found the world's best! The rockers we offer for sale are all made right here in the USA, in North Carolina, by the Troutman Chair Company. The rockers are available in several sizes so you're sure to find one that's a perfect fit.

Troutman Chair Company has a long heritage of making rockers and chairs, over 83 years in fact. No glue is used in the construction of Troutman Chair Company products and they are assembled with stainless steel nails so there will be no rust, which is why these chairs will become tomorrow's heirlooms.

Rocking chairs have been around a long time but the basic purpose of a rocking chair remains the same, to help you slow down, relax, and enjoy life.

Want more than one? We offer generous quantity discounts too. With great prices and free shipping you can place your order now for a pair or more, rockers, chairs, or tables! Start shopping here...

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Over one million sold
since 1924.



Troutman Rockers are made in three sizes!